Nonna’s Secret Recipe Cookbook

A collection of authentic Casalinga (home style) recipes
gathered from our mothers,
grandmothers and great grandmothers

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Having lived through periods of austerity, poverty, war and famine, many of our wonderful grey haired nonna’s grew up knowing how to take the most basic of ingredients and turn them into a meal to feed a family- wild grasses, a few vegetables, a handful of beans, eggs, flour and oil.

In their villages, there was often no refrigeration or transport to bring foods from afar. Meat may have been eaten only a few times a year for very special occasions. Now it is a very different story.

Featured in this book are family favorites, simple meals, which have graced everyday tables, meals so full of flavor that fingers were always licked and plates always scraped with a piece of bread to mop up every last tasty morsel.

There are also some stories and recipes of old, to show that tradition lives on in the younger generation.

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